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25 et 26 avril 2017

Hans Zimmer : un nouvel Hollywood sonore et musical ?

Université de Rouen

mercredi 26 avril 2017, Jérà´me Rossi

Hans Zimmer (*1957) is generally acknowledged as one of the most influential contemporary composers bar none, his work having been heard by hundreds of millions of people around the globe, yet to this date no serious academic appreciation of his musical catalog has ever been undertaken. With a huge following in France – to the point that Zimmer in 2016 has dedicated more than 12 concerts to an audience of over 100.000 people all over France, the German-born, English-raised composer makes a well-defined case for a European idea of music understanding that has spread to the United States and through the venue of film throughout the entire world.
In Hans Zimmer we find a composer who recognized early in his development that sound synthesis and the application of filters is the key to a new form of music in which any musical source, form, or genre, can coexist in one space harmoniously at the same time, based on oscillatory proximity. This happens through understanding the constituents of how a tone is produced and how tone colors persist in a self-similar way in any medium, finding their corresponding colors in other media, thus building a unified sonic experience. Where Zappa has wandered the between the worlds of different genre’s thereby resolving them, now Zimmer combines it all into one space/time experience, where – again - genre doesn’t matter. Beyond that, Zimmer has produced both iconic pieces and a distinct personal style sonic investigations to the concert hall in a completely new form of unification in which orchestra, choir, electric band, samples, and synthesizers co-exist to forge one music that is not pinnable to any one expressive form, and at the same time revives the concert hall into one new, as yet unheard-of, completely new expressive form.


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